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I decided


I’m not going to complain anymore.
I realize that my complaints are really due to boredom. I have no “real” problems. Oh except when wifi is bad and playing Words With Friends is slow. *joke
Really I have nothing to complain about.

New rule(for me):
If its not funny and or it isn’t a reflection of my awesome life, don’t say it. Amen

Hope you guys are doing well.
Gonna write some songs next week. I’m real psyched!

Love, Pat


On the way to the #hungup video shoot. Early morning light. @jamiefollese

OneRepublic for MTV

My favorite boys !

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OneRepublic - Life In Color (London Sessions)

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OneRepublic - Preacher

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Happy Birthday Zachary Douglas Filkins! ♥


Can we take a second to appreciate how hot Brian is?


Can we take a second to appreciate how hot Brian is?

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“I admire David De Gea. I cannot remember anyone coming into Manchester United and being criticised the way he was. He was the subject of every debate in the media. You haven’t seen De Gea defend himself in the media or shifting the blame elsewhere. He just gets on with it.”Peter Schmeichel

The Overtones - Run Around Sue (Acoustic) (by theovertones)